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Meme Monger Token: A Revolutionary Tribute to Meme Traders



In a groundbreaking move within the cryptocurrency landscape, Meme Monger Token is set to debut, celebrating the relentless spirit of meme traders who are the unsung heroes of the meme culture. This innovative token goes beyond the viral allure of typical meme coins, offering a heartfelt homage to the individuals whose dedication fuels the rise of these digital assets. 

Meme Monger Token stands out in the crowded crypto sphere with its unique approach and a notable tech visionary Elon Musk at its forefront. It’s designed by traders, for traders, embodying the experiences, aspirations, and challenges of the meme trading community. This token promises to be more than just another digital asset; it’s a movement, encouraging enthusiasts to embrace the chaotic yet thrilling world of meme trading.

Key Features of Meme Monger Token:

  • Audit: Ensuring security and transparency.
  • Buyback: 9% of the total BNB raised will be used for buybacks.
  • Auto Liquidity Locked for 888 Days🔒: Enhancing stability and investor confidence.
  • Fair Launch: No presale, no private sale, no team tokens, and no airdrops before the launch to ensure a fair start for all participants.
  • Renounced Contract: For full community ownership and decentralization.

Current Listings:

Meme Monger Token is already listed on the following platforms:

  • Coinsniper
  • Moontok
  • Gemsradar
  • Coincatapult
  • Top100token
  • Coinscope
  • Coindiscovery
  • CoinMoonhunt
  • Coinboom
  • Coingem
  • Coindizzy
  • Coinlists
  • Cryptovotelist
  • Coinmooner


Token Symbol: $MGR

Total Supply: 8,000,000,000

Tax: 2% buy and 3% sell for marketing and dev team


  • 51% locked for 888 days
  • 9% of the BNB raised will be automatically added through buybacks
  • Contract will be renounced


  • 5% of the total supply reserved for CEX listing
  • 2% for airdrops

The fair launch will occur on Pinksale Finance  from June 8 to June 11, 2024, allowing investors to participate on an equal footing.


The official launch on PancakeSwap is scheduled for June 12, 2024.

Current Marketing Initiatives:

  • Partnerships: Collaborations with YouTubers, Twitter influencers, and article publishers to boost visibility and engagement.

Post-Launch Activities:

  • DEX Updates: Listing on major decentralized exchange platforms such as, DexScreener,,,,, CoinMooner, CoinBazooka, CNtokens, and 100TopTokens.
  • CMC and CG Listing: Fast-track listings on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG).
  • ADS Marketing Banners: Deploying banner ads on prominent ad networks.
  • Influencers On-Boarding: Engaging with influencers to expand reach.
  • Trending Campaigns: Ensuring Meme Monger trends on all major platforms.
  • Tier-2 CEX Listing: Securing listings on Tier-2 centralized exchanges.

Future Plans:

  • Twitter Expansion: Growing the token’s presence and engagement on Twitter.
  • Global Monger’s Club: Establishing a global community of Meme Monger enthusiasts.
  • Global Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships worldwide.
  • Tier-1 Listing: Aiming for listings on top-tier centralized exchanges.
  • Crypto Summits Participation: Representing Meme Monger at major cryptocurrency summits and conferences.

Meme Monger Token is not just another cryptocurrency; it’s a testament to the passion and commitment of meme traders worldwide. With an exciting and engaging community-driven approach, this token aims to connect enthusiasts through the universal language of memes, creating a vibrant and supportive environment for all.

Join the Meme Monger movement and meme your way to the moon and beyond! For more information, visit our official channels and stay tuned for updates as we prepare to launch this revolutionary token.


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