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GUA Meme Coin: Pioneering a Zero-Risk Investment Model and Century-Long LP Locking Commitment



GUA redefines meme coins, embodying the collective vision of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and pioneering a zero-risk investment model

I. Introduction

GUA Meme Coin is excited to announce its upcoming launch, capturing the attention of the cryptocurrency community with its unique zero-risk contract and century-long LP locking commitment. As a hidden gem created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, GUA not only safeguards the interests of every participant but also empowers the community to explore new realms of wealth together. Stand with GUA, challenge injustice, and create a brilliant future in the crypto world.

II. Project Overview

GUA is a revolutionary cryptocurrency designed to provide users with an unprecedented level of security and efficiency through its unique technology and innovative business model. The core value of GUA lies in its zero-risk contract and century-long LP locking commitment, ensuring the safety of every investor’s funds. GUA is not only a new favorite in the meme coin market but also a community-driven platform that promotes sustainable development in the cryptocurrency market through community participation and transparent governance.

III. Team Introduction

The GUA team consists of experienced blockchain experts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Team members include:

  • William M., CEO: With over ten years of experience in the fintech industry, William is dedicated to advancing blockchain technology in the financial sector.
  • Benjamin W., CTO: An early developer of WeChat and a pioneer in the blockchain technology field, Benjamin specializes in smart contract and decentralized application development.
  • Ava T., COO: An expert in project management and market promotion, Ava has successfully driven the implementation of multiple cryptocurrency projects.

IV. Tokenomics

GUA has designed innovative tokenomics to achieve sustainability and growth. Here are the new standards we are setting in the crypto world:

  • Total Supply: Limited to 6.942 billion GUA to preserve value.
  • Initial Liquidity (5%): Ensuring robust market entry with strong initial liquidity.
  • Airdrops (80%): Rewarding early $ETH contributors to promote broader participation.
  • KOL Incentives (6%): Driving adoption through Key Opinion Leader engagement.
  • Community (6%): Empowering volunteers who drive community initiatives.
  • Fan Engagement (3%): Increasing loyalty with token airdrops for fans.
  • Tax Strategy: Starting taxes at 2% for purchases and 3% for sales, decreasing to 0.3% post-launch to cut costs and enhance profitability.

Join $GUA and be part of a crypto revolution that values sustainability, community, and long-term growth!

V. ETH Donation and GUA Ratio

  • Donation of 0.1 ETH: 600,000 GUA
  • ETH Donation Cap: 833 ETH
  • Individual Address Cap: 0.1 ETH
  • Donation Time Cap: 168 hours

VI. 100% Guaranteed Donation Principal Refund Agreement

Our unique safety net allows investors to delay token collection until they assess market conditions. If unsatisfied with the market price, exercise the option to reclaim your full ETH donation within 24 hours after launch! GUA offers a truly risk-free crypto investment experience. Get ready to join us and secure your future in crypto with zero risk!

VII. GUA Donation Guarantee Protocol

  1. The GUA Donation Guarantee Protocol, based on Ethereum, provides a transparent and fair platform ensuring zero risk for all participating donors through the projects deployed by this protocol.
  2. How GUA guarantees 100% donation:
    • This is an open protocol.
    • Anyone can initiate token collection or 100% donation refund within the stipulated time.
    • The completion of token collection and refund is fully controlled by the contract, ensuring a transparent and fair process for all participants.

VIII. GUA Goals and Vision

The GUA Donation Protocol aims to create a vibrant and healthy meme coin ecosystem. By fostering community participation and transparent governance, the project seeks to build a sustainable platform where everyone can find their place in this exciting emerging market. In the next phase, the GUA protocol will introduce deployment and marketing features, allowing any project to launch token collection donations with a 100% principal guarantee.

IX. Advantages of GUA

  • 100% Guaranteed Donation Principal Refund Agreement.
  • Community Volunteer Reward Token Protocol.
  • Promotion Ambassador KOL Reward Token Protocol.

X. Development Roadmap

Phase 1:

  • Meme creation
  • Formation of community volunteer groups
  • Formation of promotion ambassador KOL groups

Phase 2:

  • Start ETH donations for GUA airdrops
  • GUA trading goes live with the 100% contract-guaranteed principal refund agreement
  • Vibe and HODL

Phase 3:

  • Meme takeover, community autonomy

Phase 4:

  • GUA Donation Guarantee Protocol multi-chain system platform launch, with GUA becoming the governance token

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