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The crypto world is buzzing with excitement as the latest token, CatCoinDex makes its grand entrance. Designed with a new vision and an enthusiastic team, Catcoindex is set to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape with its unique reward system and strong community.

Slogan-“Love DEX, Fk CEX” Because the true way is not the most popular. A new vision, Good vibes team.

The Cat Coin Dex team stands firm on their slogan,reflecting their commitment to decentralized exchanges (DEX) over centralized exchanges (CEX). This motto sum up their mission to promote transparency, security, and user empowerment within the crypto space.

Cat Coin Dex operates on a straightforward tax system that benefits its holders:

–  4% Tax on All Transactions (Buy/Sell)
–  2% Rewards: Directly redistributed to holders in Bitcoin Wrapped (BTCB).
–  1% Liquidity Pool: Ensuring stability and growth.
–   1% Marketing: For expanding reach and adoption.

Daily Rewards in Bitcoin

One of the standout features of CatCoinDex is its reward system. Holders receive 2% of each transaction back in BTCB, distributed daily. To start earning, simply add BTCB to your wallet and watch your rewards accumulate every day. This innovative approach ensures that all participants benefit from the growth and activity within the community.

No presale, No fake promises

CatCoinDex prides itself on its transparency and integrity. There are no presales or unrealistic promises, just a clear path from launch to success. Starting 0 to the moon.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Johndev

    May 20, 2024 at 10:06 am

    No presale no fake promises no cex just dex and printing money BTC rewards

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