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Hong Kong’s Legislative Council Launches Web3 and Virtual Assets Subcommittee to Boost Digital Economy



In a strategic move to bolster its standing in the global digital economy, Hong Kong’s Legislative Council has recently launched a new subcommittee dedicated to Web3 and virtual assets. This significant step reflects Hong Kong’s ambitious commitment to not only keep pace with emerging technologies but also to become a leader in the digital transformation landscape. The establishment of this subcommittee marks a new chapter in Hong Kong’s technological and economic development, aiming to harness the potential of Web3 and virtual assets to drive economic growth and enhance its competitiveness on the global stage.

The formation of the Web3 and virtual asset subcommittee was announced by Hong Kong SAR Legislative Council member Wu Jiezhuang. The committee’s main objectives include the exploration of regulatory frameworks that could govern these new technologies, the promotion of technological innovation, and the positioning of Hong Kong as a pivotal hub in the global Web3 ecosystem. By drawing on insights from global industry experts, the subcommittee is poised to shape policy recommendations that will guide the future development of Web3 and virtual assets in the region.

One of the subcommittee’s primary focuses is on crafting balanced regulatory frameworks that facilitate the growth of Web3 technologies while ensuring robust investor protections. It aims to foster international collaborations, integrate artificial intelligence advancements with Web3, and establish comprehensive policy frameworks for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Additionally, the subcommittee is keen on attracting top talent to the region and enhancing market confidence through effective governance of stablecoins and custody services.

Hong Kong’s advantages in the virtual asset market, such as its low tax rates, transparent legal framework, and strong investor protection mechanisms, position it as an attractive destination for global investors. Hu Zhenbang, CFO of OSL Group, has highlighted these benefits, contrasting Hong Kong’s favorable tax regime with those of other countries like Japan and Australia, where asset value-added taxes are imposed on virtual assets. Furthermore, Hong Kong’s status as a financial hub, coupled with its banking sector’s openness to virtual assets, distinguishes it from other regions and contributes to its competitive edge in the virtual asset space.

The proactive measures taken by Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, including the establishment of the Web3 and virtual asset subcommittee, underscore the region’s determination to lead in the digital age. By embracing the opportunities presented by Web3 and virtual assets, Hong Kong is not only positioning itself as a key player in the digital economy but also paving the way for sustainable economic growth and innovation. As the subcommittee embarks on its mission, the global tech and finance communities will undoubtedly watch closely to see how Hong Kong’s strategies unfold and how they impact the broader digital landscape.

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