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UXLINK Announces Eligibility Criteria for Season 1 Crypto Airdrop to Reward Community Contributions



In a recent development within the cryptocurrency sector, UXLINK revealed the comprehensive criteria for its anticipated airdrop rewards, marking a significant move to ensure equitable distribution among its community members. The disclosure, shared via the social media platform X, sheds light on the intricacies of the eligibility process for Season 1 of the UXLINK crypto airdrop. This initiative underscores UXLINK’s commitment to fostering a transparent, secure, and inclusive ecosystem, rewarding active participation and genuine contributions.

UXLINK stands at the forefront of innovation in the Web3 domain, offering a social platform that diverges from traditional social media paradigms. By emphasizing reciprocal, friend-like connections over follower-based dynamics, UXLINK aims to revolutionize user engagement. The platform’s UXGroup feature facilitates instant interaction, positioning UXLINK as a pioneering entity in creating a user-centric digital experience.

The vision behind UXLINK is encapsulated in its whitepaper, which outlines the platform’s core objectives: establishing a vast social network dedicated to authentic interactions, bridging Web2 and Web3 to facilitate the discovery, sharing, and trading of crypto assets, and nurturing a socio-economic community that is inclusive, trustworthy, and rewarding. These pillars are foundational to UXLINK’s strategy in redefining the social media landscape within the crypto ecosystem.

At the heart of UXLINK’s operational framework is a meticulously designed tokenomics and allocation strategy. The platform boasts a fixed token supply of 1 billion, with a significant portion, 65.5%, earmarked for the community. This includes users who hold UXLINK utility tokens and those contributing to the project’s ecosystem, with a 41.5% allocation for users and 25% for builders and partners. Additionally, 21.75% of the tokens are allocated for private sales to partners, 8.75% reserved for the founding team and contracted employees, and the remaining 5% dedicated to liquidity and project management. This allocation model is designed to be flexible, adapting as new partners join and contribute to the project’s growth.

To participate in the UXLINK airdrop, users must meet specific criteria aimed at rewarding authentic contributions and ensuring a fair token distribution. These criteria encompass a social contribution scoring system, the identification of sybil accounts through professional third-party services like Trusta Labs, and third-party wallet and partner whitelist authentication. Factors such as engagement within UXLINK’s social networks, participation in verified third-party campaigns, and purchase of NFTs through official channels using ethereum (eth) are instrumental in determining a user’s eligibility and quality score for the airdrop rewards.

UXLINK also outlines provisions for users with temporarily unqualified quality scores. Such individuals are eligible to receive a portion of the airdrop under certain conditions, including self-reporting within three days for a 15% token allocation, with the remaining 85% redistributed to qualified members. Additionally, users have the opportunity to submit complaints and proofs within six months for review, potentially receiving 100% of the tokens if approved.

This strategic approach to airdrop eligibility and reward distribution reflects UXLINK’s dedication to cultivating a vibrant, equitable, and engaged community. By prioritizing transparency, security, and inclusivity, UXLINK is poised to make significant strides in the Web3 space, redefining the role of social platforms in the digital asset economy and beyond. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like UXLINK’s airdrop serve as a testament to the innovative potential within the sector, promising to unlock new avenues for community growth and participation.

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