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Nvidia’s Stock Dips Amid Amazon’s Shift to Latest ‘Grace Blackwell’ Superchip



In a significant turn of events, Nvidia, a titan in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) chip industry, experienced a downturn in its stock value following a strategic move by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The tech behemoth decided to halt orders for an older model of Nvidia’s highly touted “super chip” in favor of the company’s latest offering. This decision stems from a report in the Financial Times which highlighted Amazon’s shift towards the newer Grace Blackwell chips, a successor to the last year’s Grace Hopper Superchip. Amazon’s pivot to the most recent iteration comes barely a year after the initial delivery of the Hopper to its customers, underscoring the rapid pace of technological advancements and the high stakes in staying ahead in the competitive tech landscape.

The Grace Blackwell chip, unveiled by Nvidia in March, represents a significant leap forward, promising double the power in training large language models. This prowess is particularly crucial in today’s tech ecosystem, where AI and machine learning capabilities are increasingly becoming a yardstick for competitiveness and innovation. Amazon’s decision to transition to the Grace Blackwell chip was largely influenced by the narrow window between the two releases, showcasing a preference for leveraging the most cutting-edge technology available.

The market’s reaction to this development was swift, with Nvidia’s stock price witnessing a slight decline of approximately 1%, settling at $945.03. This dip comes at a crucial juncture, just ahead of Nvidia’s Q1 2024 earnings report, which is highly anticipated in light of the company’s stellar quarterly performance. The market sentiment seems mixed, with some traders concerned about the potential short-term impacts on Nvidia’s financial flows, while others remain optimistic, buoyed by the company’s year-on-year sharp rise.

Nvidia’s contribution to the tech sector, especially its significant impact on the S&P 500’s returns, cannot be overstated. The company has been a powerhouse, accounting for about 11.5% of the entire S&P 500’s return over the past year. The projections for Q1 2024 are eye-opening, with Nvidia’s contribution to the S&P 500’s EPS growth estimated at approximately 42%. Furthermore, the anticipated earnings per share (EPS) and revenue growth are projected at 476% and 243% respectively, underscoring the company’s robust financial health and its pivotal role in driving technological advancements.

As the market eagerly awaits Nvidia’s Q1 earnings report, analysts remain bullish, drawing confidence from the company’s consistent performance over the past months. Over the last quarter, Nvidia’s stock has surged by 37.25%, with a notable monthly gain of 15.8%. This impressive trajectory has catapulted Nvidia’s year-to-date stock growth to over 89%, making it the third most valuable company globally, with a staggering market cap of $2.3 trillion, trailing only behind tech giants Apple and Microsoft.

This unfolding scenario not only highlights the dynamic nature of the tech industry but also emphasizes the importance of innovation and adaptability. Nvidia, with its relentless focus on advancing AI chip technology, continues to shape the future, driving growth and setting new benchmarks. As the tech landscape evolves, companies like Nvidia and Amazon are at the forefront, navigating these changes with strategic decisions that not only influence their growth trajectories but also redefine technological possibilities for the future.

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