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Hashed Ventures Expands to Abu Dhabi, Eyes Global Crypto Market Growth Amidst Innovative Policies



In a strategic move that underscores the global ambition of South Korean digital asset firm Hashed Ventures, the company has announced its expansion into Abu Dhabi. This decision comes at a time when the Abu Dhabi market is increasingly becoming a magnet for various companies, thanks to its forward-thinking and clear cryptocurrency regulations. Hashed Ventures is set to leverage this opportunity to introduce more South Korean firms to the burgeoning Abu Dhabi ecosystem, a move that signals the firm’s commitment to global growth and innovation in the digital asset space.

With over $710 million in assets under management, Hashed Ventures has established a significant presence in the global market with offices in Singapore and San Francisco. The expansion into Abu Dhabi is a testament to the company’s efforts to diversify its reach and tap into new, promising markets. According to Simon Seo-Joon Kim, the CEO of Hashed Ventures, the expansion is not just about establishing a new office; it’s about exploring fundraising opportunities in Abu Dhabi and positioning the company at the heart of an innovative tech ecosystem in partnership with Hub71.

The move comes against the backdrop of challenges faced by the firm in its local expansion efforts, notably the decreasing population in Korea. Kim emphasized the necessity for Korean startups to venture abroad, highlighting the exceptional talent of Korean entrepreneurs and the imperative to scale their businesses on the global stage. In alignment with this vision, Hashed Ventures is in the process of onboarding South Korean-based companies valued at approximately $1.05 billion to Abu Dhabi, showcasing the firm’s role in facilitating the global expansion of Korean innovation.

Hashed Ventures is renowned for its portfolio of companies, which includes notable names like Yuga Labs, dYdX, and Axie Infinity. This illustrious portfolio underscores the firm’s keen eye for promising ventures in the blockchain and digital assets domain, further solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

Abu Dhabi has emerged as a web3-friendly hub in recent years, attracting investors and companies with its clear regulatory framework and supportive ecosystem for digital assets and blockchain technologies. The UAE capital’s Hub71 ecosystem has been particularly instrumental in this regard, rolling out a $2.1 billion program aimed at funding web3 firms and fostering innovation in the sector. Ahmad Ali Alwan, the CEO of Hub71, expressed enthusiasm about the prospects of welcoming more Korean startups to Abu Dhabi, emphasizing the potential for attracting promising Web3 and digital asset technologies to the UAE capital.

This expansion by Hashed Ventures into Abu Dhabi is a significant development in the global digital assets and blockchain landscape. It not only reinforces the UAE’s position as a leading hub for innovation in the sector but also highlights the growing trend of cross-border partnerships and expansions facilitated by clear regulatory frameworks and supportive ecosystems. As Hashed Ventures sets its sights on global growth, its move into Abu Dhabi marks a strategic step forward in bridging Korean innovation with global markets, offering promising prospects for the future of digital assets and blockchain technology.

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