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Grayscale Sets July 18, 2024, as Distribution Date for New Ethereum Mini Trust Shares



Grayscale Investments, the leading cryptocurrency asset management firm, has recently unveiled plans for the initial issuance and distribution of shares for its innovative Grayscale ethereum Mini Trust. This pivotal event, scheduled for July 18, 2024, signifies a significant expansion in the firm’s diverse portfolio of crypto investment products. This announcement is particularly noteworthy for existing shareholders, who stand to be directly impacted by this development.

The Grayscale Ethereum Mini Trust, henceforth referred to as the eth Trust, is part of Grayscale’s strategic initiative to broaden the spectrum of investment products available to crypto investors. The firm has slated July 18, 2024, as the record date for the debut issuance and distribution of the ETH Trust shares to Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE) shareholders. This distribution process is designed to allocate shares of the ETH Trust to ETHE shareholders in a manner that is proportional to their existing ETHE holdings. Specifically, ETHE will allocate 10% of its Ether holdings to the ETH Trust, and each ETHE share owned at the close of business on the record date will be exchanged for one share of the ETH Trust.

Grayscale’s ETH Trust, a Delaware statutory trust, aspires to secure a listing on the NYSE Arca. This ambition is contingent upon obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, aligning with Grayscale’s ongoing efforts to enhance the value proposition for its shareholders by diversifying the range of crypto investment products on offer.

The upcoming distribution of ETH Trust shares does not necessitate any financial contribution or proactive measures on the part of ETHE shareholders. The distribution is set to proceed automatically once specific prerequisites, such as the effectiveness of the ETH Trust’s registration statement on Form 8-A and Form S-1 as well as the approval of NYSE Arca for the listing of the ETH shares, are fulfilled. Grayscale has earmarked the 19th of July as the earliest possible date for this distribution, though it acknowledges that legal and procedural considerations may influence the actual timing.

This development is part of a series of strategic moves by Grayscale to augment its product offerings in response to the evolving regulatory landscape. In April, Grayscale initiated the establishment of the Grayscale Ethereum Mini Trust, which will be initially funded by the assets of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust. Targeting long-term investors, this new trust aims to offer lower fees compared to its predecessor, ETHE.

Grayscale’s aggressive pursuit of licenses for its crypto investment products reflects the firm’s commitment to leading the cryptocurrency ETF space. Recent months have seen Grayscale update its 19b-4 filing for the Ethereum Mini Trust, underscoring the firm’s ambition to launch a spot Ethereum ETF amidst growing interest in digital asset investment vehicles.

For ETHE shareholders, the creation of the ETH Trust represents a watershed moment. From July 18, 2024, ETHE shares will be traded without the entitlement to receive ETH Shares, marking an “Ex-Distribution Date.” Following the initial distribution, shareholders will find both ETHE and ETH Shares in their investment accounts, a move that Grayscale anticipates being tax-neutral for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Importantly, the transition of Ether to the ETH Trust and the subsequent distribution of ETH Shares are not expected to result in taxable income, gains, losses, deductions, credits, or proceeds for ETHE shareholders.

This strategic expansion by Grayscale Investments into the realm of Ethereum-based products underscores the firm’s commitment to providing innovative and diverse investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. As the landscape of digital assets continues to evolve, Grayscale’s efforts to adapt and lead through product diversification and regulatory compliance set a benchmark for the industry.

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