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Former SEC Crypto Chief David Hirsch Clarifies He Won’t Join Memecoin Platform



In a surprising twist within the cryptocurrency sector, David Hirsch, a former high-ranking official at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has come forward to clarify his professional trajectory following widespread speculation about his next career move. Hirsch, who previously led the SEC’s crypto asset and cyber unit in the enforcement division, found himself at the center of rumors suggesting he was poised to join, a platform known for enabling users to create cryptocurrency tokens, as the head of trading. These rumors were swiftly addressed by Hirsch, who firmly denied any association with or any other platform focused on memecoins.

The rumors began shortly after Hirsch announced his departure from the SEC, following nearly a decade of service to the regulatory body. Reports, particularly from Binance News, hinted at Hirsch’s potential move to, igniting discussions and excitement within the crypto community. The speculation seemed plausible to many, given Hirsch’s extensive experience in the regulatory and digital asset space. However, Hirsch was quick to debunk these rumors, stating unequivocally that his future professional endeavors would not involve or any similar platforms. This statement was a clear attempt to set the record straight and dispel any misinformation circulating in the crypto sphere.

Interestingly, despite Hirsch’s denial, embraced the rumors and announced that he had joined their team as the trading head. The platform even went as far as to release a statement, claiming Hirsch felt his work at the SEC was no longer fulfilling and that he was eager to start a new chapter with them. According to, Hirsch, a self-proclaimed “memelord,” would be tasked with overseeing an ambitious project to launch over a thousand coins per day through their new internal trading desk.

The crypto community’s reaction to the news of Hirsch’s alleged appointment was mixed, with some questioning the validity of the initial reports, while others took a more humorous approach. A notable reaction came from a social media user who suggested that should have pursued Gary Gensler, the current SEC chair, instead of Hirsch. In a playful nod to the situation, seventeen tokens bearing David Hirsch’s name were created on the site following the spread of the rumors.

Before his departure from the SEC, Hirsch had expressed his excitement for facing new challenges and hinted at his plans to take a break and travel with his family before his son’s college commencement in the fall. His decision to leave the regulatory body came after a significant tenure, during which he played a crucial role in shaping the SEC’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement.

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, the significance of regulatory insight and experience cannot be overstated. Figures like David Hirsch, with their deep understanding of both the regulatory framework and the dynamic nature of digital assets, are highly sought after in the industry. While Hirsch has yet to disclose his next career move, his background and expertise will undoubtedly make him a valuable asset wherever he decides to lend his talents.

The speculation surrounding Hirsch’s career highlights the crypto community’s intense interest in individuals who bridge the gap between traditional regulatory roles and the innovative world of digital currencies. As the sector grows and matures, the movement of such figures will continue to attract attention and speculation, underscoring the ongoing dialogue between regulation and innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

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