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Discover the Next Big Hit: Notcoin and 5 Rising Stars in the Tap-to-Earn Crypto Gaming Sphere



The evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has not only revolutionized financial transactions but also introduced novel ways for users to engage with digital assets and earn rewards. Among these innovative models, “Tap-to-Earn” (T2E) games have emerged as a rapidly growing sector, offering players both entertainment and the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies. Originating from the surge of interest in Notcoin, T2E games have expanded into a burgeoning industry with a plethora of offerings yet to fully unveil their potential.

Hamster Kombat, a leading T2E game, exemplifies the explosive popularity and financial potential within this niche. Launched in early 2024, the game quickly amassed a staggering 150 million active players within three months, a meteoric rise mirrored by its social media following, which boasts 9.2 million followers on X and over 25 million subscribers on YouTube. Hamster Kombat rewards players with HMSTR coins for managing a virtual crypto exchange. These tokens, trading pre-market at an average price of $0.19 on platforms like and Kucoin, highlight the tangible financial rewards accessible through T2E gaming.

Another standout in the T2E space is Tapswap, a game designed to operate on the TON blockchain. Despite initial skepticism due to a feature allowing players to double their coin amount for a fee, Tapswap has cultivated a robust community with over 6 million followers on X and 48 million active players on Telegram. The game’s integration with Telegram and its commitment to community token allocation underscore its innovative approach to building engagement and trust within the T2E ecosystem.

Pixelverse, set in a cyberpunk universe where artificial intelligence dominates, offers players a unique blend of PvE battles, NFT collections, and bot customization. Since its launch, Pixelverse has attracted over 26 million players and raised $5.6 million from prominent VCs, including The Sandbox and BreederDAO. The game’s official token, PIXFI, serves multiple purposes within its ecosystem, from marketplace transactions to crafting, showcasing the multifaceted utility of tokens in T2E games.

Blum, available on Telegram, diverges from traditional gaming to present a mix of T2E gaming and crypto trading. With 25 million total players, Blum’s integration into the Telegram MiniApp and its participation in the Binance Most Valuable Builder accelerator program demonstrate the game’s innovative approach to blending gaming with financial services.

Lastly, Catizen AI introduces players to a cat metaverse powered by GameFi and AI technologies. Within hours of its launch, Catizen AI secured 10,000 users and has since grown to over 20 million active players. The game’s successful seed round, attracting investment from the Ton Foundation and other industry leaders, along with its increased airdrop allocation to 42%, highlights the strong investor confidence and community support behind T2E projects.

The T2E niche has evolved beyond simple gaming to encompass trading apps, DeFi protocols, and even entire blockchains. This expansion signifies the growing recognition of T2E games as not just entertainment platforms but as incubators for innovative projects seeking to quickly attract real users. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, T2E games stand out as a dynamic intersection of gaming, finance, and technology, offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement, earnings, and growth.

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